COS products and common IDs

COS products

The Cross River operating system (COS) gives you many different account and card solutions. We help you to define and configure unique products known as product types. You use these product types to create products offerings for your customers. For example, a debit card is a product type, a checking account is a product type, a simple savings account or a time deposit (CD) account are product types. Once you have your product type defined, you can add a customer to the system and offer them that product, preconfigured to your specifications.

Your products are yours. You do not share them with any other CR partner. Your name appears in the product name in COS along with a short description of the product. For example, “Partner1 Basic Checking” or “Partner1 Consumer Savings.”

Product ID

COS assigns every product type a unique ID. You need this ID to create a specific product for a customer using the API. You can use the Product ID in the Search by ID field in COS Explorer.

CR supplies you with this ID.

The ID is in GUID format.


In COS Explorer, you use the product name as described above, and not the product ID.

Partner ID

The ID assigned to you when you onboard into the system. This ID is required for some API calls.

The ID is in GUID format.

CR supplies you with this ID.

Reference ID

In the context of payments, this is a unique CR identifier. The first character of the ID represents the payment rail. For example, a Checks reference ID begins with “C”, a Wires reference ID begins with “W”.

The ID is in GUID format.

Customer ID

Created when you create a customer by API or in COS Explorer. This is the unique ID assigned to a specific customer and is required take action for a specific customer like open an account or add an address.

The ID is in GUID format.