Request access

The first step to working with Cross River APIs is to submit a request for Sandbox access.

Make sure you fill in all the relevant fields. The more accurate the information you give us at this stage, the faster you'll be onboarded into our systems.


  • Your full name

  • The name of the company you work for/represent.

  • The URL of the official company website.

  • The location/address of your company.

  • A working telephone number including international dialing code.

  • Your static public IP address in IPv4 format (not hexadecimal format).


    You must have an allowlisted static public IP to access our products. Your internal IT department should be able to provide you with your static IP. For more information on static IPs see here.

Once we allowlist your static IP, we send you 2 encrypted emails with your credentials. One email with your client_id and one email with your client_secret. Your relationship manager will give you your partner_id.

The request and response models for Cross River products are available in our Swagger.