How to add an identification document to a customer record

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to

Update a COS customer record with physical ID metadata or other identification information.


If you are new to customer management, we recommend you read the customer management overview before starting this tutorial.

The tutorial assumes you have a knowledge of APIs and how they work. For more information on sending API calls, see the API overview page.

The tutorial uses these API endpoints



POST /core/v1/cm/customers/{id}/identifications

Adds unique identification metadata of customer-identifying documents to customer details.

Before you begin

Make sure you have:

  • API credentials

  • Customer ID (only available once the customer is added to COS)

  • The necessary details for the identification you are adding to the customer record. Depending on the type of identification, you might need:

    • ID serial number

    • Expiration date

    • Details of the issuing authority

    • Other information

Add identification information to an existing customer

You might want or need to add a drivers license, passport or other identification to a customer record. If your agreement with CR includes credit BIN sponsorship, you need to add the card processor unique identifier for that customer to their COS record.

In this tutorial, you'll add a driver's license to Peter Griffin's customer record.

a. To add identification information

  1. Call POST /core/v1/cm/customers/{id}/identifications. The attributes below are required. A full list of attributes is found here.


    Request attribute name

    Value to use in the request

    CR customer ID (provided when the customer was onboarded to COS)


    Use the ID from the Onboard a customer tutorial

    True if the ID is the primary ID for this customer. Otherwise false.



    License ID number


    123 456 789

    ID type



    License Issue date



    License Expiration date



    License Issuing authority


    New York DMV

    License Issuing country code




    We highly recommend you include an idempotency key in your request header to provide duplicate protection in the event of a failure. Read more about idempotency keys here.

    Sample request for POST /core/v1/cm/customers/{id}/identification
    curl -X POST
    --header 'Content-Type: application/json'
    --header 'Accept: application/json'
    --header 'Authorization: Bearer <token>'
    -d '{ \
      "isPrimary": true,
      "idNumber": "123 456 789",
      "idType": "DriversLicense",
      "issuedDate": "2022-07-15",
      "expDate": "2029-07-14",
      "verifiedDate": "2023-05-21",
      "issuingAuthority": "NY DMV",
      "issuingStateOrProvince": "NY",
      "issuingCountryCode": "US",
    }' ''
  2. A successful API call returns a JSON response confirming the identification details added in COS. The id attribute indicates the COS ID of that specific identification item. In the sample below, the ID is 6d3add34-0a1e-4a4e-9c7f-b00a0091e308. Yours will be different.

  3. Copy
    Response sample
      "id": "6d3add34-0a1e-4a4e-9c7f-b00a0091e308",
      "customerId": "b71cf966-7896-40a0-88c5-af5g0138fc8c",
      "isPrimary": true,
      "idNumber": "123 456 789",
      "status": "Active",
      "idType": "DriversLicense",
      "issuedDate": "2022-07-15",
      "expDate": "2029-07-14",
      "issuingAuthority": "NY DMV",
      "issuingStateOrProvince": "NY",
      "issuingCountryCode": "US",
      "createdAt": "2023-05-22T04:51:09.4656083-04:00",
      "lastModifiedAt": "2023-05-22T04:51:09.4656083-04:00",
      "partnerId": "cd9c12f4-7691-424a-b38b-af5b0134c611"

It's up to you to keep this information up to date.