Getting started with Digital Banking

You can set up your digital banking platform to conform to your company's needs, requirements and policies, allowing you to customize and control your accounts.

Configuring your account - Policies, Security and Control

Cross River's digital banking platform offers a number of security controls to ensure your organization can meet your internal account management policies.

This includes requirements for dual authorization and dual action.

  • Dual Authorization - Certain actions in the platform, such as drafting or approving an internal transfer or drafting and approving a wire transaction, require the user to input a Secure Access Code in order to complete the action. The Secure Access Code is sent via email or text message, as configured for the user

    This can be customized based on amount thresholds.

  • Dual Action Transactions require approval by at least 2 users with the appropriate credentials before it can be completed.

    For example, wire payments above $30,000 can be configured to allow 1 user to Draft the wire but require a second user to Approve the wire.

The security controls are configured by the Cross River Ops team. Speak to your Relationship Manager to ensure you have the set up that is right for your organization.

Logging in to the platform

  1. Go to the online banking login page.

  2. Enter the username and password you received in the email from your administrator.

    You're prompted to select how you want to receive the Secure Access Code.

  3. Enter the Secure Access Code you received to access the platform.

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