International Payments (cross border money movement) overview

Cross River (CR) International Payments enables you to send or receive money internationally, leveraging SWIFT and local in-country rails, primarily for bank-to-bank settlements. Cross River enables this through access to a correspondent banking network.

Currently, CR only offers outbound capabilities. Our solution is rail agnostic, routing the transactions through the most relevant rails depending on corridor, transaction size, currency and so on.


You can send any supported currency type to any supported country.

Our reach includes these countries:

















New Zealand*






United Kingdom



*Only available using SWIFT, and not using a local rail


Available currencies include:

Australian dollar Australian dollar (AUD)

Australian dollar Canadian dollar (CAD)

Euro Euro (EUR)

Japanese yen (JPY)

Australian dollar New Zealand dollar (NZD)

Norwegian krone (NOK)

Pound sterling (GBP)

Swedish krona (SEK)

Australian dollar United States dollar (USD)


No crypto or gaming currencies are available.

International Payments flow of funds

Key features

  • 24/7 executable payment quotes with superior FX rates

  • Real-time updates on a payment from quote to delivery

  • Industry-leading compliance and BSA/AML integrations

  • SWIFT and in-country local rail options

  • Built-in fee customization to earn revenue on each transaction

Benefits to you

International Payments introduces a new dimension to our bank payments offering, enabling you to effortlessly send and receive (in the future) international payments.

Benefits that International Payments bring you:

  • Expanded Reach: International Payments seamlessly connects you to a robust network of correspondent banks worldwide, expanding our reach to 16 countries and accommodating 11 currencies through our MVP offering.

  • Integration Simplicity: International Payments effortlessly integrates with our existing domestic payments framework, creating a plug-and-play solution for outbound payments across the globe.

  • Versatile Processing Options: International Payments are available through API integration, interface, and file ingestion. You simply provide payment information, and we take care of the entire end-to-end processing.

  • Cost Efficiency: You don't incur a domestic wire fee as a part of your transaction, enhancing cost-effectiveness.

  • Accelerated Processing: International Payments ensures faster processing compared to using a domestic partner bank, streamlining the payment workflow for increased efficiency.

  • Swift Delivery for Key Currencies: Certain currencies, such as Euro, GBP, and CAD, can be delivered as early as the same day and guaranteed for next-day delivery, ensuring timely and efficient transactions.


The following limitations currently exist for International Payments at Cross River:

  • We only provide outbound capabilities. In the future we'll support inbound payments as well.

  • Exclusively for entities based in the United States.

  • Only used by business entities (payers), covering both Business-to-Consumer (B2C) and Business-to-Business (B2B) scenarios.

  • No support for transactions related to cryptocurrencies or gaming activities.

  • No foreign exchange (FX) wallet holding capabilities.

  • No remittance payments.

Use cases

  • Cross border payments for SMBs (individual and corporate)

  • Merchant settlement

  • B2B wires - for example, paying vendors/merchants/companies in USD overseas for operational purposes and subsidiary payments back to parent companies

  • Paying operating accounts

Business reference information

Error codes

Retrieve International Payments COS system error codes in the International module using the call GET /v1/meta/errors.