Bank rails

Cross River offers a range of payment solutions to make transactions smoother. Our services cover both local and international payments, using different payment methods. Let’s break it down:

ACH (Automated Clearing House)

ACH transactions involve moving money electronically between US bank accounts. People use ACH for direct deposits, bill payments, and recurring transactions. Using ACH through Cross River ensures compliance with ACH rules and regulations.

ACH overview

Instant Payments

We provide a domestic Instant Payments product. Individuals and businesses can transfer funds quickly between US-based financial institutions. These transactions clear and settle within seconds. Cross River works with two instant payment networks: RTP® via The Clearing House (TCH) and FedNow®. We provide network interoperability between the two, ensuring your instant payment is sent in the best way at all times.

Instant Payments overview

International Payments (cross border)

Cross River facilitates cross-border money movement using SWIFT and local in-country rails. Correspondent banking networks play a crucial role in these bank-to-bank settlements.

International Payments overview


Wire transfers are expedited electronic fund transfers between banks. They’re commonly used for high-value transactions, international payments, and urgent transfers.

Wires overview


Use Cross River's XPay feature to transfer funds directly between one CR partner and another. Funds transfer immediately and do not leave the bank. XPay transfers can be either push or pull.

XPay overview