Arix is the automated loan validation and funding software from Cross River. As a marketplace lending (MPL) partner with CR, you can access Arix functions using an extensive list of API calls.

The scenarios and diagrams in this guide show the funding flow for loans. Loans are funded after the review and fulfillment of documentation and compliance requirements.

Fair lending

Fair Lending ensures that all people are offered the same lending opportunities. We perform regular fair lending reviews of all loan applications submitted, whether they are denied or approved.

Loan Funding

The Arix funding engine allows you flexibility in controlling how loans are funded. You can set instructions, control the funding rails, and even specify fallback options if certain rails fail.

Revolving Lines of Credit

These credit lines allow borrowers to access funds up to a predetermined limit, and they can be drawn upon and repaid multiple times. Think of them as flexible financial safety nets that adapt to your borrowing needs. Whether you're managing business expenses or personal cash flow, LOCs provide a convenient way to access capital when necessary.