The Cross River gives you the ability to create subledgers instantly and on-demand. A subledger can be linked to any existing deposit account, also known as the master account.


Subledger API Endpoints

In subledger API endpoints, subaccounts is used instead of subledgers. For instance, GET/v1/dda/subaccounts.

In the CR system, subledgers are first class citizens, meaning it supports all the operations available to accounts. All transactions first go through a subledger, followed by the master account. Each master account has what is called an implicit subledger, which is automatically created and maintained. The implicit subledger accounts for the portion of the balance which is directly attributed to the master account's activity. The CR system does this by giving it the same account number as the master.

With the use of an implicit subledger, master account subledgers always sum to the balance of the master account. It is virtually impossible for your master account and subledger to be out of balance.

The master account implicit balance can go negative. This would occur in situations where more funds are attributed to other subledgers than the master account directly. It is the responsibility of the partner to maintain and reconcile the subledger system.


Real-Time Subledger
The subledger and master account balances are updated atomically and never out of sync. Funds posted to a subledger are immediately available

Subledger account numbers

Like all account numbers, subledger account numbers are globally unique within the bank. Subledger numbers are 12 digits and follow this format:

3 [10 digit random number] [check digit]

All subledger account numbers in COS start with 3.

In theory, it is possible to create millions of sub accounts under a single master account.

Example of a subledger

Subledger types

General Ledgers

General Ledger (GL) accounts are internal accounts used for accounting purposes for internal reconciliationClosed Being sure that all the numbers add up as they should and that we know where all the funds are.. COS processes each transaction through a GL account. A GL account must reconcile to zero (0) at the end of the day.

Although GL accounts are meant for CR-partner reconciliation, there are times when you might want to open a GL account for external purposes. For example, if you handle payroll deposits for a customer, you may need to overdraw on an account to be able to send salaries to the customers before the employer’s funds have been deposited into your account. A regular account can’t be overdrawn, but this GL can serve as the account that can be overdrawn.