Credit BIN sponsorship

Overview of credit BIN sponsorship

Every card instrument type needs a BIN (bank identification number, the first 6 to 8 numbers on the card). It’s how card networks know who issued the card, who acquired the transaction, how the funds get into the right accounts at the end of the day, and where to settle the funds. BINs are only assigned to banks that are network members.

Cross River BIN sponsorship enables you to give your customers card solutions without being a member of a card network. Because CR is a member, we can sponsor your use of specific BINs and account ranges.

Once you have your BIN, you need to create a customer record for each card customer in the Cross River operating system (COS). After that you add the unique identifier (tokenized card number) that your card processor uses for that customer to their COS identification information. This makes it possible to track all the information that the card networks need to know about that customer's card and how they use it.

See Credit BIN sponsorship integration for details.