Cross River's account APIs provide you with the tools you need to create a variety of bank accounts.

Accounts overview


Check writing and check deposits are features of the Cross River Account product. Together, these features allow customers to move money using a physical instrument known as a check.

A check is a document used as a payment order between two parties: a payor (drawer) and a payee. The payor is the party writing the check and the payee is the party to whom the check is payable.

Checks overview


Cross River gives you the ability to create subledgers instantly and on-demand. A subledger can be linked to any existing deposit account, also known as the master account. Subledgers (sub-accounts) let you keep track of daily transactions in your account and to ensure that funds exist where expected and allow for easy end-of-day reconciliation They are used to receive funds from and send funds to customers without having to expose your master account number.

Subledgers overview